Monday, January 18, 2010

The Love List

Life gets busy, our schedules cloud what's important. But as I sat feeding you your bottle a few nights I saw what is really important, it was twinkling in your eyes and in the soft fingers that slowly reached for my cheeks. As I sat there watching you it made me think about all the things that make you special. So here is a list of the things that I love about you:

I love how you screech, making a high pitch squeal, when you get excited

I love walking in your room in the morning and turning on the lights, your eyes still closed, adjusting to the light, but a smile spread wide across your face

I love that you light up and smile each time I walk in the door from work

I love that you give me baby kisses with a wide open mouth and make a little "ahh-umm" noise

I love that you laugh at your brother when is acting goofy

I love that you reach for your mamma when you see her walk in a room

I love that you have better hockey hair than Barry Melrose

I love when you get tired and you rest your head on my shoulder and take a deep sigh

I love when I get you out of your crib and you are still tired you just wrap your arms around me and sit there for a minute or two

I love that you get excited on your changing table, kicking your feet like a fish trying to get out of its bowl

I love that you laugh right after you sneeze

I love that you have a little "Buddha" belly

I love when you spend minutes looking at your hand, rotating it, examining it ever so closely

But most importantly, I really just love you...all chubby, wonderful, you.

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