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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Glimps of What's To Come?

As Sophia has become more mobile it seems that Harrison's dislike has grown more intense. It used to be an attitude of indifference, a recognized inconvenience that took up our time but was generally no real threat. Then the crawling happened and then the walking. With each step and each grab the threat grew. Like a national security advisement, his threat levels changing colors from yellow to orange and now finally red. Each step met with a shriek, a cry, and a usually a swat. Every missed nap another long afternoon of "stay away from your sister" "STOP putting your sister in a headlock" "DO NOT put the child lock around your sister's head" and so on.

But tonight I caught a glimpse of what could be. It was truly just a moment, a flash more than anything real substantial, yet it was still there. Sophia in her high chair, Harrison eating his dinner. He was acting crazy, like usual. Shrieking and acting like a dopey three year old. Sophia, as if she saw an opening in his good-natured antics starting shrieking along with him. Then the damnedest thing happened. She started laughing and swaying in her chair, shrieking and he started doing the same. They were playing together, albeit from across the table and both safely secured in their proper chairs. But they were playing off one another. Her shaking her head and laughing, he shaking and dancing while shrieking...and as I started tell them to stop yelling I stopped. I couldn't help but laugh and smile and wonder if this was the first step in them becoming brother and sister, friends, protector and protectee, siblings...a family?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Love List

Life gets busy, our schedules cloud what's important. But as I sat feeding you your bottle a few nights I saw what is really important, it was twinkling in your eyes and in the soft fingers that slowly reached for my cheeks. As I sat there watching you it made me think about all the things that make you special. So here is a list of the things that I love about you:

I love how you screech, making a high pitch squeal, when you get excited

I love walking in your room in the morning and turning on the lights, your eyes still closed, adjusting to the light, but a smile spread wide across your face

I love that you light up and smile each time I walk in the door from work

I love that you give me baby kisses with a wide open mouth and make a little "ahh-umm" noise

I love that you laugh at your brother when is acting goofy

I love that you reach for your mamma when you see her walk in a room

I love that you have better hockey hair than Barry Melrose

I love when you get tired and you rest your head on my shoulder and take a deep sigh

I love when I get you out of your crib and you are still tired you just wrap your arms around me and sit there for a minute or two

I love that you get excited on your changing table, kicking your feet like a fish trying to get out of its bowl

I love that you laugh right after you sneeze

I love that you have a little "Buddha" belly

I love when you spend minutes looking at your hand, rotating it, examining it ever so closely

But most importantly, I really just love you...all chubby, wonderful, you.