Monday, January 28, 2008

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Splish Splash

Waking Up


Internet Genius in Training
Internet Genius in Training

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seven Months

Seven Months
Oh Mr. Harrison, every time we think that things are getting smoother you find ways to keep your mother and I on our toes. It seems like month 7 has been one filled with peaks and valleys.
You are still struggling with your sleep. This month though it was because you decided that you would tumble around your bed like a sleeper in the dryer. We have been awakened at all hours of the night with jolting shrieks. One would think with your shrieks that the crib had fallen down upon you or something crazy, but no, it is because you have woken up and found yourself on your stomach. When we enter your room you look like a baby dinosaur on your hands and knees with your little neck stretched out, looking around trying to figure out what is going on.

Just Playing

The peaks however have been tremendous to watch. You are sitting up now on your own. It only took a few tries for you not to topple over and we were so excited when you got it. You now just like to hang out and play with your toys, though when you do fall over it is pretty cute. Most of the time you fall over, get a look of shock on your face and then just lay there, resigned to your fate.


You are reaching for everything. The sweetest thing is when we hand you off to someone (even between mom and I) and you reach back for one of us with a goofy little grin on your face. You are amazed by anything that moves or shines. You love to look at the pictures that are hanging on the bulletin board or on the fridge. You still like to see where your doggy is, almost to the point where you stop eating just to see where he is.


You are also taking baths in the big boy bath tub and love it just as much as you liked the baby tub. You had one little spill in the tub and caught a mouthful of water. At the time you screamed like crazy but it seems to have had little effect on your bath time fun.


We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will start eating soon and that you will straighten out your sleep schedule. Other than that you continue to warm our hearts with every little smile and every step forward in your development.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Old Time Hockey

I posted this on my other site but figured it might be appropriate for this site as well. If you are interested in reading it just click here.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Watch out below

I have to write about this, mostly because I can't stop laughing about it. I like to think that I am getting this whole parenting thing down but every now and again I get sent back to reality and usually rather quickly.

So I picked Harrison up the other day from the sitter's and headed home, trying to get him bathed and fed as quickly as possible because he was cranky and tired. I rushed home and threw everything in the house and quickly ran to get the bath ready. Because he is now getting his baths in the big bath tub, I have yet to get the water temperature down on the first try. So thinking I had the right mix of hot and cold I went in to get Harrison undressed. As I was undressing him, because he has a tendency to pee on me, I kept singing a little song called, "Don't pee on daddy" an ominous song looking back on it now.

We got into the bathroom to get in the bath and I realized the bath water was a little cool, so I turned the heat up and I started stirring the water to mix up the cooler water. So there I was, sitting on the edge of the tub contorted with one arm in the water trying to mix the hot with the cold and one arm holding Harrison, as he was leaning over trying to play with the curtain. All of a sudden I heard a sound like water hitting my jeans, I started laughing and asked Harrison if he had just peed on daddy. Well, as I looked down I realized it wasn't pee. He barely got my jeans but it was all over the floor and bath mat. So I quickly held him high up in the air, like if I do that it will all go away, anyway, there I am holding him up like Simba in the Lion King over Pride Rock, looking at the floor, not really sure what to.

So I quickly set him in the water, afraid that there was more to come, and started trying to figure out how I could clean it up without letting Harrison drown. I thought about running to get paper towel but the whole time I am thinking, two inches, thirty seconds, two inches, thirty seconds a baby can drown in two inches of water in thirty seconds, so I knew I didn't have time to run to the kitchen. Meanwhile the stench was killing me, so I started trying to get my jeans off. Because our bathroom basically opens up to our laundry closet I quickly grabed some old rags and wiped up the floor. I started the washer and threw the mats in, mind you, I am hedging between the washer and the tub making sure that Harrison is still sitting up afraid to get too far away. I started kicking my shoes off and tearing off my jeans to get undressed and get them in the washer as well. The whole time H is looking at me with his fist in his mouth like I am some kind of crazy man.

I finally got everything in the washer and got Harrison washed, as I am walking out of the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror, I have a wet baby still looking at me like I am crazy, no pants on, my t-shirt and a blue tooth in my ear flickering a soft blue light, just another modern dad, giving his kid a bath.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Harrison Showing Off

Harrison helping with the laundry

H Helping with Laundry

Just playing

Just Playing Dad

The Showdown

The Showdown

Ol' Blue Eyes

Ol' Blue Eyes

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Reprieve

I know most of you come to this site to see updates about Harrison and not to read my rumblings about other things. So, I have launched a new site where I can explore other topics, mostly about how life and sports come together. If you would like, head over to Hockey Skates and follow along. I will still continue to post here about Harrison and his life and of course post all of his wonderful pictures!

Like A Drug

It had been a few weeks since the first time we introduced Harrison to Baby Einstein, the popular baby video series that up until a few months ago was thought to make your kid a genius. We needed to do some major cleaning since the holiday had effectively made our house a disaster area, so we strapped H into his seat and threw on the video, saying a little prayer we would be able to get a few things done before he absolutely went crazy.

Well, it was like drug to the little guy. He started screeching the minute the video kicked on and was leaning so far out of his chair that we thought he might tumble completely out of it. We were shocked and thrilled. We would each stop every once in a while from what we were doing to just stand and laugh as he got more and more excited. We even started it over once and were able to get more done.

The funny thing is that these things look like they were shot in someones basement with a hand-held camera, a slinky, a wire hoop, hand puppets and a bunch of flashing lights. But at least he likes it. Granted we won't be sitting him in front of these very often, but at least we know what keeps him entertained in a pinch.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

A new year, a time for new hopes, goals, and resolutions, but also a good time for reflection and thanks.

Looking back at where we were a year ago it just amazes me. A different job, a new child, a greater marriage, and hopefully a better person. Of course the most amazing thing is Harrison and the laughter and smiles he has brought us, but this year has been pretty awesome and we are very fortunate with all that we have.

I also want to say thank you to everyone; friends and family, co-workers and colleagues. Everyone who is in our lives is special and we appreciate everything that you do for us.

I am excited for 2008, the challenges, the victories, the losses, and the ties. Especially the losses and ties, because after all it is the losses and ties that bring about the greatest lessons, right?

So be great in 2008 and I look forward to sharing more with you here.

Monumental Moments

So on Sunday (December 30th) Harrison discovered that he could sit up by himself! I would like to think that it had to do with me teaching him the intricacies of having a wide base, which I explained will help him in hockey, but I think it had more to do with Harrison having a superior set of Abs, either way he is now upright.

Harrison Sits up for the First Time

This of course makes mom a little sad because he is quickly growing up and isn't her "little" baby, but we were both very excited when this happened. You can see more pictures of the great moment and other new pictures here.