Thursday, July 23, 2009

Living with Light

Last night my Aunt Lannie passed away. She lost her battle with cancer after a long and grueling fight. My aunt and I weren't close in the sense that we kept in touch and saw each other often, but she was one of those people that whether you saw her eight minutes or eight years ago, the moment you saw her it was like you hadn't missed a beat.

She had a special way about her. She was the type of person who laughed with her whole soul, and let her love for life show through. She absolutely adored her family and, I think, passed on her zest for life to all of her children.

Lannie called me a few weeks ago, and when I answered the call I could tell her voice was tired, like she was reeling from a difficult fight. But as we talked more and more that spirit that I knew kept coming out. And even though I could sense she was worn out a bit, I got off the phone amazed at how even though she was in this battle, that sparkle, that joy, was still in her voice.

The unfortunate thing about death is that it doesn't spare the good ones. It doesn't spare the lives of the people who mean so much to their families and the ones who have so much more to give.

It is trite to say to live your life to the fullest, especially right after someone passes away, but I do think that the thing that my aunt Lannie taught me is to live with light.

Live your life with joy. Take company in your family and your loved ones. Take time to laugh with your soul because really, at the end of the day, that is what matters. Did you laugh and did you make the people around you warm with love and life?

My aunt had an uncanny way of doing that. No matter what when you walked away from time with Lannie you felt warmer, you felt that sense of love. Liz and I were talking and even though Liz had only met her a handful of times she made the comment that she always was so kind, so loving, like she had known her for years...and that was Lannie, the Lannie that I knew, to the core.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Chunk

We used to joke before Sophia was born that she would be a little tank and would run over Harrison, who we call "mini mite" because of his lack of size. Today Liz took Sophia for a weigh in and she was 9 pounds 12 ounces...she has gained a pound and 10 ounces since she came home two weeks ago!

Some updated photos below:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I Have Forgotten About Newborns

* They are small. I mean small enough to curl up on your chest and lay there for hours :)

* They really do just poop, eat and sleep

* They manage to sleep 18 hours but you only manage 6 hours, seriously, how does that happen?

* When you want to give them a goodnight kiss they will inevitably throw up on your cheek, chest, and chin. (happened last night)

* It takes but two minutes of them being on this earth for you to fall in absolute love with them

* Their cry could act as a tornado siren and save entire communities

* When they are hungry they will attack any open skin they can find and try to suck on it

* They rule the world for the next few months...and you are ok with that

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Here are some quick pics from day 1. More to come!!