Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sign of the Times

There are moments in your life when you realize that you are entering a new phase. There are the obvious moments, like when you graduate from school, get married, have a child. These moments, while defining rarely sneak up on you. They are moments that despite their huge implications, are manageable because you have time to prepare, understand them, and accept them.

Then there are the other moments, the moments that sneak up on you subtly, like a summer cold. You're fine one minute, the next you're not quite sure what hit you.


I am not sure how it happened. One minute we were talking about gas prices and the next minute we were comparing fold down seats, automatic sliding doors, and DVD systems (we opted out of that trap).


Now, mind you, my experiences with minivans center mainly around those sweet old Dodge Caravans. The sticky sweet feel of vinyl trimmed seats, the long road trips spent on a cooler next to the door. Not because I wanted to, no, because I was the only one who wouldn't complain the whole way. So my view was either the back of the headrest or the flashing landscape out the sliding door window.

So, yeah, I guess this van is an upgrade to those vans and not because of any of the features. Rather because at least I know whatever happens, I'll be driving or sitting in the passenger seat and not "riding cooler" across the great American landscape.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

13 Months

This last month has been an fast paced month. It seems like you are catching on more quickly to things...and developing your curios and mischievous side.


You have started talking more. You have moved from saying "Da" for everything and have started forming more word like sounds. You now say "haaat" for Hot, "up" "hi" "Dadda" "Mamma". You are also learning how to use your signs. You are very proud of yourself when you use "more". The first time you really did it to signify that you wanted more of something you stopped after you did it with a huge smile on your face, like "Look what I just did". You still smile each time you do it, and sometimes you do it to signal that you want something, but either way it is pretty damn cute!

You are moving around much better. You still get off balance when you are tired but for the most part you are much more stable. So stable in fact that you have discovered a new game in which you stand in the middle of the family room and start turning in circles getting yourself dizzy. The whole time a huge smile is spread across your face as you discover a new sensation.


Your curiosity can sometimes create hailstorm of tears as you still need to touch and play with everything. Now that you can communicate a little bit you become more agitated when we don't respond with the proper item that you are pointing to. Like we should know what a point and DA means. You love to put lids on things and play with straws, more specifically, dip the straw in and out of the water. We love that you are curious, and it is awesome to watch you struggle with something for a few minutes and then see the joy on your face as you figure it out.

Grandpa K teaching H about Scotch

You've been sick the last two weeks so you have been a little run down, but you have been slowly getting back to your normal self. Tonight as I was putting you to bed you started attacking me with your sloppy wet kisses and wide open mouth, that's when I knew my little man was almost back!


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