Monday, November 09, 2009

Catching Up

We have been MIA for many reasons but mainly because, well, two kids is a lot of work. So what have you missed?

We had a wedding in California. It was beautiful. Crossing three times zones with a two year old and a 3 month old is a nightmare at times. Having a wife who holds it all together is a blessing. Harrison would not concede that we were in California if asked, we were "AT CARLY'S WEDDING!" and that was the final answer. He misses his cousins.

Sophia now giggles. She is a powerful little child who has thighs like tree trunks, a belly like a mini Buddha, and a gummy smile that makes you laugh and melt at the same time.

We can't wait to feed her real cereal because then maybe she won't want to eat all the time. She actually licked an apple the other day and cried when Liz took it away. The girl likes her food, I think that is a good thing.

She is four months old. It is unbelievable that is has gone by this quickly, yet, as she gets older I get more excited for her to grow into a little girl. I think she will be a special one :)

We went trick or treating. H wanted to open each piece of candy after every house. He loved it. Towards the end of the night and with each house we passed he would say "juuuuust one, one more house daddy?" He then had as much fun, if not more, passing out candy to all the tweens and teens who came by later in the evening. He also enjoyed running back and forth between the neighbors house and ours to make sure he didn't miss a trick or treat-er.

We are in the midst of the two's. I won't call them terrible, because let's face it, when a little guy looks up at you at night and says "hold me daddy, hold me" it can never be too terrible.

H has a fierce streak of independence and fierce streak of neediness. They often collide. It often isn't fun.

H also has a very active imagination. We often spend a lot of time sitting on the floor of his room AKA the airplane, waiting to land, only to have to drive a mini John Deere AKA a bus to the Zoo, where he finds animals for us to feed and pet. It is exhausting and not to mention a wee bit painful when the bucket of the John Deere mini tractor wedges in your bottom. It's worth it most of the time.

I like to think of it as controlled insanity. Liz would argue the controlled part.