Monday, February 16, 2009

Write to Remember

I have been bad about writing lately, I know, it's hard. Life seems to fly by and every time I think I want to post something, something new happens and I think - oh, I should write about that instead, then you go and do something cute is just one long run-on sentence in my head. I can't stop life long enough to actually follow through and write everything I wish I could. So, let me make a list of the funny things that make us take pause everyday and thank god, or some higher being, that you are our son.

Things that make us laugh:

- You carry "lotion" around with you wherever you go. Unfortunately it is not lotion, it is a brand new stick of Right Guard deodorant, that has become "lotion"

- You pretend to rub the "lotion" on your legs and say "Lot-an" as you rub back and forth

- You sit in the back seat of the car and say "driver...beep, beep, beep" over and over because you are just figuring out to sing the Wheels on the Bus song

- You now have to have a collection of three monkeys, two doggies, one duck, one "phone", and one or two books, just to go to bed at night.

- And when we come to get you out of bed in the morning we find, three monkeys, two doggies...all on the floor, and you, with a look of disbelief on your face, that they are all out of your crib

- When I put you to bed you ask for me to sing - but if I don't sing the Birdy song the way mommy does, you say "No" and ask me to "Rock" instead of singing

- If you aren't carrying around your "lotion" you carry around a pocket calculator and pretend it's a phone. You sometimes have animated conversations and other times you insist that it be placed in your "pock - et" until, of course you need it out again to talk.

- You run to the TV after a nap or when I get home from work and yell "Geme" and want to watch Hockey or Basketball. Then you push me to the ground and yell "Timber" and want to jump on me

- You try to carry around mom's extra purses, but they are just as big as you are and you have to hold your arm above your head to have the loop stay on your arm

- You see a tennis ball and no matter what you say "Abbey" because that is what Pappa Roger and Grandma Lis's dog likes to play with

- You still can't hear the word Grandpa, and not say "Fire, Help" because you helped Grandpa K build fires over Christmas

The list could go on forever but these are some of the little things that make you who you are, and make your mom and dad fall into bed exhausted, but laughing each night.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Evening with Rick

The benefits of DirectTV? You get XM Radio. The downfall? Rick Springfield with no commercial interruptions! H thought it was pretty fun though.