Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decorating the Xmas Tree

Harrison's first attempt at decorating the tree. It didn't last long nor turn out so well :)!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sound of a Bell

I remember last year about this time I read H "The Polar Express" for the first time. It was a night when Liz was working and I read it to him by the Christmas tree, just he and I. He was barely six months and he just kind of sat there on my lap, slapping at the pictures. For whatever reason I started getting choked up at certain parts.

Tonight we were getting ready for bed and he was very adamant about reading "The Polar Express" I am guessing because he and Liz have been reading it, as it was sitting on the dresser. Again I couldn't help but get choked up reading it, and I think it was for very much the same reason as last year.

The story is about having the child-like belief in something. And as H sat there on my lap, crazily pointing out the train and the reindeer and the wolves, I couldn't help but look at the back of his tiny little head - moving back and forth with every flip of the page - and think of how awesome it all was. How he is just starting to understand the world around him and how he will get to believe in all of these wonderful things - how his slate is clean and how much fun is in store for him. I also think that a part of me remembers what it was like to have that innocence, to believe in that bell.

I know sadly we all stop hearing the bell, it sucks. So I have a wish for you...If you get a chance this Christmas close your eyes and remember back to the days of when a shiny bell could capture your imagination. Close your eyes and see if you can hear the bell and let a little piece of that inner child - the one who still believes that if you wish hard enough anything can come true - let that child out, even if just for a few moments.


Monday, December 15, 2008

An Important Phone Call

This is H playing with a set of "keys" from his first briefcase set. He was pretending that it was a phone and he seemed to be taking a very important phone call. Excuse the poor quality it was shot in a hurry with our point and shoot. Also, our house normally isn't that messy - I think "Hurricane H" blew in that day - see post below - enjoy!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

Little Path of Destruction

"It's like he just leaves a path of destruction behind him"

We have a little joke that when either one of comes home we can quickly take a look at the house and see what kind of day it has been with H. On days in which "Hurrican Harrison" has hit you can usually find Tupperware scattered about the kitchen, legos and books strewn throughout the living room, at least one golf ball rolling around the hardwood floors and usually Riley in a tizzy running around the room.

H has entered a stage in which everything and anything can suddenly be turned into a projectile. The little man has certainly discovered that he has quite the arm. Brett Favre he is not, but by the spirals in which his monkey and other animals can quickly be subjected to he is definitely working on his form.

The curious thing about his new found love of destruction is his complete opposite side that is often turned like a light switch. The side in which he suddenly wants to dance or be held and will sit for minutes with his head resting on your shoulders quietly mumbling as if he is whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

I am no child development expert, and I am guessing that this is normal and if we were to take him to a doctor the diagnosis would be "one and a half year old boy"! In many ways this double personality, the lovey little boy who cherishes his tickle times and hugs, and the one who likes to stare you down as he slowly raises a plastic golf ball over his head taking aim directly at the dog all while shaking his head "No" and smiling at you, is just the kind of son I want. One who isn't afraid to test the waters, discover and live life but has the compassion to understand when someone needs a hug.

Don't get me wrong, we discipline him, and I think that is one of the reason's why he will pick up all of his animal magnets off the kitchen floor two seconds after he walks by and sends them flying off the refrigerator with one swoop of his hand, or gives his dog a hug and kiss two seconds after attempting to swat him with stuffed monkey.

I love this age, and I am sure that we are in for more entertainment/struggles, but we welcome them, even if it means sending in a recovery team every night to pick up the pieces of a certain tropical storm!