Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Months 2 Week Pictures

Uhm, Wasn't Me??
Uhm, Wasn't Me!

Double Trouble
Double Trouble

Spring Time

Workout Anyone?
Workout Anyone?


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 Months

10 Months

This last month has been like no other. You are not only mobile but you are figuring everything out, it seems, like every day.

The amount that you have progressed is pretty amazing. It really does seem like every day you are figuring out just how mobile you can really be. It started off with crawling, one robotic hand and leg movement at a time...it has since progressed to you pulling yourself up on everything, including the dog!

Pull Ups

You have quickly figured out how to walk between furniture and are even getting so brave as to reach further than you probably should...sometimes grabbing what you reach for other times falling a little short, usually leading to a tumble and some tears.

You love standing up on your own and seem to celebrate it each time you push yourself up. It is funny to watch each time because it is like a hundred new experiences each day. Your curiosity is amazing and it seems like you have to touch and feel everything. You wave your arms around every time you see something that fascinates you.

My Boy!

This past weekend you participated in your first swimming class at the YMCA. You seemed to really like it towards the end as you slowly got the hang of it. You even went under water without crying...you were stunned and we both thought you were going to let out a big scream but you held it in like a super star!

Little Guppies

You're personality seems to come through more and more each day. The funny little things you do are countless, but the best seems to be when you try to mimic mom or I when we stick our tongues out like frogs. Sometimes you just open your mouth moving your tongue inside, other times you manage to stick your tongue out every 3rd or 4th attempt.

You also have started to learn how to dance. It is actually quite cute. When mom was out of town we started listening to the iPod when you were eating. You started doing a little move, almost a shimmy in your high chair. You like to bounce up and down when you are standing up playing and almost clapped your hands just a few days ago.

We can officially count 7 teeth now! It seemed to take forever to get just one and now it seems like they have come in bunches. It is pretty funny to look at you because it looks like you have little chicklets stuck in your gums, but soon you will have a mouth full of teeth.

The thing that most amazes me is the amount of words that you seem to understand. You definitely know what doggie means, and you know when you see one. When we are outside and you see one you stop and wave your arms and say "Da" "Da". You also know your name and look when we call you. You keep saying dada and we are trying to get you to associate that with me. Just in the last few days you have started making mama sounds so now the race is on to see which one you associate first!

This is all an awesome experience and the last few weeks have seemed like a blur. It is truly fun, even if it is exhausting being your mommy and daddy.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring, On the Move, and Silly Hats!

Springtime at the Park

Swing Time


Just Cruising
Mail Time!

Speedy Delivery

Uncle Rob Will Never Let Me On the Boat With This Hat!

Rubber Ducky

Saturday, April 05, 2008

On The Move

It's official, on Friday I got a call from Bets that went something like this:
Me: "Hello"
Liz: "Ah, your son is crawling towards the dog's bone"
Me: "You mean he's crawling?"
Liz: "Uh, yeah, I think we are going to be baby proofing this weekend."

So as many of you have told us, our lives are about to change for good. Here is a video I shot this morning (Saturday) of the little man on the move...just to make sure I have proof that this is actually happening, enjoy!

Oh, watch Riley towards the 1:35 mark