Tuesday, March 25, 2008

9 Months

9 Months

Every day you seem to be more and more like a little boy. I love coming home to you every night because I feel like I am seeing a new child each day.

This past month has finally brought about some new teeth! It seemed like they would never come but finally one broke quickly followed by a second tooth. You were quite a slobbery little one when they were breaking and you had a few rough nights, but when they finally broke and you were able to sleep through the night you were like a whole new child.

You are close to crawling though you still hate to be on your tummy. You have the rocking motion down and will raise a hand or knee, but you just don't seem to want to put it all together.


The same thing for walking. You still love to walk around the house and at times that is ALL you want to do. We bought you a new toy that looks like a mail cart to help you walk around the room but you had one fall on it and you are gun shy ever since. You are learning how to walk just holding one hand, but you are still very hesitant to go too far.


Your voice seems to come in stages. You really find it when you are cruising around the house. It's like you are concentrating really hard and you have to talk yourself through your walks. Sometimes though, you just seem to go on "rants" when you squeak and squawk for long stretches of times.

One of the greatest things is that you are starting to waive goodbye. It started first with just a little wave of the arm that we guessed to be a waving motion. It has since turned into a stiff arm movement up and down and a big smile whenever mom or I leave.

One of your favorite activities is to look out the window. Whether it is the bay window in the kitchen or the front or back door you like to stand and look outside. You like to lick the cold glass and mumble as the cars pass. You could probably stand there for hours on end if we let you. It certainly is a blessing on those occasions when you want to fuss late in the day.

We are excited and nervous to have you moving about. We have invested in our baby-proofing gear and have already started installing some of it.


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

8 Months Three Weeks

On The Move

Love at First Site

Beep Beep

Who Needs Toys When You Have Socks and Tupperware?

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Promise

I know we are heading down a new path, a path that leads to your crawling, walking and talking, a path where you start to experience the world in a new way, and I am excited for that journey to start. But one of the most beautiful things so far has been to see you experience the little things that the day brings. The way you smile when your mom or I get you up in the morning, the way that your eyes light up at the painting in the kitchen, even though you have seen it a thousand times you get excited with each new look at it; like you are experiencing those vibrant colors in a new way each time. Seeing the way that you touch a cold door or window as we watch the goings on outside makes me smile and make me realize that one of the best things about being a parent is watching you experience your world. Seeing the beauty in all the little things in life as you learn them one by one.

So, I want to make you a promise. I want to promise you that I will let you have those experiences. I will try my best to not ruin the little things in life, to you let you have those experiences as untarnished as I can. I will make that promise to you if you can promise me one thing; to keep your child like amazement forever. Keep looking at the world as a new experience each day, and simply take in each new moment with those wide baby blue eyes twinkling at the beauty of it all.

If we can promise each other that, I can't wait to see you experience life.