Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nursery Pics and More

4-01-07 026 Letters over Crib

Well, we are finally done...well almost! We were able to finish the chair rail and finished all the little touch ups on the the two different blues. The chair rail and all the little projects have been a very interesting time. We learned some new skills, Liz is now quite the master with the coping saw, and I have had a refresher course in geometry and angles. The more we do around this house the more we find out about it, like how sometimes in the fury to get these subdivision homes done they don't always do things by the book. We have learned a few tricks now like how to wire a light switch with a few extra wires and how to get chair rail to sit on an even wall!

We have uploaded some pictures from last weekend's shower, which by the way, thank you to everyone, we recieved so many great things and we are very appreciative of the great friends and family that we have in our lives. I have also uploaded new photos from the nursery and some shots of Liz and her belly - people have been asking for these.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope everyone is doing well. Just 10 more weeks - I have a feeling things are really going to start flying by now. You can see all of the pictures by visting my flickr page - just click here