Monday, August 25, 2008


As a parent you can't really tell you if you are good, you hope that you are doing a good job, but you'll never really know for a a good twenty years or least that's my theory. But as H has started becoming a little boy, and as we find ourselves trying to teach him and lay the groundwork for the years to come, I find myself learning new things everyday. So here a few of the things I have learned:

* It's OK to walk outside with your barefeet
* Sometimes it's ok to cut across the grass
* Letting out a shout, just because, is good for you
* Laughing at nothing at least once a day will make you smile...even if you are crying at that moment
* It's OK to fall down, it's even better when someone is there to pick you up
* Naps are good
* It's OK to cry
* If you can get applause for eating sweet potato's, standing up, signing, take it, and run with it!
* Your mom and dad will always be there for you...even when you don't think they are, they are probably three steps ahead of you

Thursday, August 21, 2008

14 Months

I swear that you are going to think that your birthday is a week or two later than it really is if you go by my blog posts, but I am trying to stay as caught up as I can. I am also hitting a small dilemma, I've always said that I wouldn't be one of those parents who rattles off their kids age in months after a certain point i.e. "Harrison is 22 months", so I am trying to figure out the best cutoff - I think a proper time is a 18 months because then I can just say a year and a half.

Anyway...14 months. You are at an a difficult age now. Not because you are difficult - anything but - but more so because you are at a stage now where you are mobile, mobile to the point that you are almost running. And you are so inquisitive that you are constantly on the move - trying to pull up on things or pull things down to your level. So its difficult because you are quickly becoming this little person but you can't tell us what you want. You can't verbalize all of these new things that you are seeing and touching so it is hard for you because you can get frustrated so easily when we don't know what you want.


It is a fun time to be a parent. I am seeing myself as less a caretaker and more Sherpa. Strange analogy, I know, but it works. I see us guiding you more often now. Trying to show you how to manage certain things, like getting off the couch or a chair. Trying to show you that maybe taking a header off the couch isn't such a good idea and that if you just slide off backwards on your tummy, your feet will hit the floor first and not your head. And to see you pull it off for the first time without help is so rewarding.


You are also figuring out how to just be by yourself. Not that we are leaving you alone often, but the other day as I was trying to get your breakfast ready I couldn't hear or see you. As usual I went to "Oh, Crap, what is he doing" mode. I quickly went to the last spot I left you - your room - and found you just flipping through your dog book. Content, talking to yourself like you were reading. It was so cute. I actually walked away quietly so as not to disturb you...only to slowly peak around the corner again just to watch you one more time.


Your mother and I can literally watch you for hours with smiles on our faces. One of the greatest joys, now that you are slowly (or quickly, depending who you ask) gaining more and more personality is watching how you play with Riley. You regularly wake up and reach out for him as he comes into your room. You actually walk up and pet him or throw your arms around his neck and lay your head on his back. It's amazing, at least to me, because it was just this sudden shift of acknowledgment on your part. Like, I have a dog, and I can pet him, and I LOVE him!

Watching how you play with mommy is also adorable. It is great to see her scoop you up and watch your face light up. Or seeing you run over to her with something in your hand, like, "LOOK, PAPER!" "It isn't it amazing!" It's like you have to share everything with us and it just makes us laugh and melt all at the same time.

You met your cousins in California and it was great to see you guys together. You weren't quite sure of what to make of them at first but you slowly warmed up to them and they to you.


Sharing was a new concept to you, especially with two year olds. Negotiating who got to play with what was like brokering a truce between waring countries at times, but it was a great experience and absolutely fun to watch you play with your cousins. We are already making plans for "California Camp" and "Indiana Camp" when you all get a little older.

The Next Generation

This past month has gone by so quickly. They seem to be flying by faster and faster now. We are trying to expose you to many things now, even taking you to the State Fair! You loved the animals and every time the big John Deere tractor drove by you had to point.

We are excited to see the fun we will have as summer turns to fall and to continue to watch you continue to grow up to be a little man!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Soccer Mom

"So Kiburz, you ready to be a soccer mom now?"

"Ah, Lucas, I'm a hockey mom, NOT a soccer mom!"

That a girl!