Sunday, September 30, 2007


After an early morning feeding:

"Do you think we will EVER be able to sleep in?"
"I hope not, I love being tired all the time!"

After the dog climbs in bed at 4:00 AM:

"We really have to be more consistent with Harrison than we are with the dog."

Nap Time:

"Babe, I think we broke the Nap know, instead of the Boxer Rebellion."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Learning to Love America

Perfect Angels

I heard this poem on NPR's Writer's Almanac, and maybe it was Garrison Keillor's soothing tone, or maybe it was just the wonderfully written words, but I couldn't help but listen and feel a sort of connection to it. I am not an English major, nor smart enough to pull all of the meaning from it, but I couldn't get these lines out of my head:

because he is a strong American boy
because I have seen his eyes redden when he is asked who he is
because he answers I don’t know

because to have a son is to have a country
because my son will bury me here
because countries are in our blood and we bleed them

I know that Harrison will have a country and I know that he will love the opportunities given to him, just like we appreciate the opportunities given us, and I hope that he gets to experience the beauty of this land (and others too) and appreciates that his life, is shaped not by others, but by his aspirations and dreams alone.

Monday, September 24, 2007

3 Months!

3 Months Old

OK, so Harrison is three months and one week but close enough, right? It seems like the last few weeks have been a blur and we see little changes almost daily. Harrison has obviously grown so much, but its the little things, like rolling over, kicking his feet up and grabbing his toes, grabbing things, all make for fun "did you see that" moments.

Liz has started back at work and while it has been tough for her, little man has adjusted pretty well to day care. He is still alive and seems to have no ill effects from his two days away from home. :)
The same can't be said for his daddy who enjoyed his first weekend alone with Harrison, I now have a new found respect for mommy especially as we try to get him into his nap schedule!

I have posted some more photos - really does anyone get tired of looking at him? We don't :)!

You can see the photos here!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


If you are a college football fan nothing beats the start of September, unless of course, you are a Michigan or Notre Dame fan :)! Seeing as it was Purdue's home opener (even though it was against Eastern Illinois) we had to get Harrison ready for the upcoming season. We have posted some pics here. You can also watch a quick video of Harrison and mom as they were getting ready for the game on Saturday - just click on the video and it should play.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Visit from Aunt Laura and More!


Sorry for the delay in posting. We have had so much going on and as it seems less time to do everything we want. We have so much to tell and share - Harrison WAS sleeping through the night. I say was because for about a week he was going down and sleeping until at least 6:00 ish each morning. These last couple of days he has decided that he wants to get up during the middle of the night and test mommy and daddy again.

He is such a little man now. He is growing quickly and starting to learn new skills each day. He can now stick out his tongue to random people at the Post Office (ask Liz, she can tell you the whole story.) He is giggling and laughing and even can endure tummy time for about five minutes until he starts screaming!

We had a great time with Aunt Laura who flew in from Sacramento for Labor Day weekend. It was the first time she met Harrison, she has three beautiful young children of her own but seemed to cherish her time with a baby again. We were able to take in Rib Fest in downtown Indy. We also headed to Bub's Burgers - I seem to take all my family there but it is the best burger you can get (seriously, come visit and we will take you - no better excuse than a burger and beer on a sunny summer afternoon)!

I have posted pictures from the last couple of weeks here there are some cute ones of Harrison with Laura and Mom- I will be trying to post a little more frequently so stay tuned!