Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Baby Updates

Harrison's First Chuck T's 004

We had a doctor's appointment today...and, well, not much more to report. Liz is dilated one cm, so it could be a little bit. We did go to a Mexican restaurant and for a walk after dinner, just in case.

We also made a stop at Babies R US on the way home and made a little splurge. I figured every kid has to have their own Chuck Taylor's right?

More news to come...hopefully!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Watch

It is the Tuesday after Memorial Day - no news yet. We spent Sunday walking around the mall hoping to get something going but to no avail. We also took two walks yesterday, much to Riley's delight. Liz is getting a little uncomfortable and is ready to introduce Harrison to the world - though the little guy seems to want to wait for a while longer.

Hopefully we will have more updates soon but for now we are just waiting!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Shout out to BLAST

For those who don't know exactly where I work or what I do - I work for a company called BLASTmedia , we do media relations for tech companies all over the US and the World.

We have a blog that all of our employees contribute to - what does this have to do with Harrison? Take a look and you will see.

Just two more weeks! We are getting anxious now!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let the countdown begin


Wow, four weeks away! we are really excited, nervous, anxious, and everything else in between. I find myself wondering more and more about what he will look like, what color of eyes he will have, will he still have my jaw line (gosh, I hope not), how will we manage our new life? Liz has been absolutely amazing these last few weeks. I know she is easily worn down with work and getting everything ready, not to mention that she is carrying what now looks like a beach ball in her tummy! She has been, as she usually is, determined and driven to get it all done and looking perfect!

We were shopping yesterday at Costco (which is quite possibly the greatest store in the world), and Liz thought she was having a contraction. Apparently, the look on my face was just too much when she told me because she couldn't stop laughing for a good two minutes...oh, well, lets just hope I can spring into action when I am really needed!

Anyway, I have posted some more belly pictures so you can all see just how far along little Harrison is. I also posted a few more pictures of the new paintings a lady in Liz's hospital made for us - they round out the room beautifully.

One final note, thanks to friends and family alike who have given us all of the wonderful gifts - our house is in full baby mode (minus the actual baby) and it is all thanks to your wonderful generosity. Thanks to MacKenzie and Cristin for hosting the shower in Chicago last weekend!
Also, thanks to Joan for coming and helping get our gardens ready, and helping Liz get some of the wash and other organizing done.

We will keep you all posted here as the time gets closer!